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    RAGHSA is a company committed to sustainability, environmental care and people’s welfare. Our RSE program, which we have named LEGADO (LEGACY) is in line with the SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT OBJECTIVES (SDO) oriented to these subjects. We joined this world movement with responsibility fulfilling some objectives and spread them with the aim of raise awareness among interested audience and invite them to  actively participate. As part of this commitment, our new office buildings have been and will continue to be developed to the standards of LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) set by the USGBC (United States Green Building Council). To qualify for LEED, our properties have features that minimize their impact on natural resources while creating pleasant and healthy work environments.
    These features include, but are not limited to:
    – Water consumption reduction through the installation of efficient, low consumption plumbing fixtures.
    – Optimization of energy consumption.
    – During the construction we used interior materials which were subject to control of contaminating emissions.
    – Rainwater harvesting, usage of recycled water for irrigation and air conditioning systems, reduction of drinking water waste.
    – Installation of efficient air conditioning systems using non-polluting refrigerants.
    – Car parking areas with designated parking spaces for low emission vehicles (LEVs).
    – Locker rooms with showers for cyclists as well bicycle parking space.
    – Solar panels for hot water production.
    – DVH curtain wall that optimizes the use of natural light and views to the outside.
    – Waste Recycling Program
    – Non- smoking buildings. Exterior smoker areas are at least 8 meters from any possible air access.
    – Educational programs for tenants through videos, brochures and special signage.
    – Close proximity of buildings to public transport systems.