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    In 2006 Le Parc Alcorta was introduced to the market, situated in the exclusive neighborhood of Palermo Chico, a classy residential area in the city of Buenos Aires surrounded by Palermo woods and exceptional views onto Río de la Plata.
    Residencies range from 185 up to 420 sqm and include premium services and amenities, such as an acclimatized endless pool, a bar, an event room and an exterior hot tub, gymnasium and spa.

    Project: Estudio Aisenson
    Project Management: R. Iannuzzi G. Colombo Arquitectos
    Total Area: 79,600 sqm / Rentable Total Area: 33,500 sqm.
    126 apartments in 2 towers of 30 (Torre Alcorta) and 45 floors (Torre Cavia).
    100% SOLD
    End of construction: 2012